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Home Planning & Construction

November 21, 2011

Home Planning and ConstructionThe process of building a new home is rewarding, challenging, and fun as long as you have people who can guide you in the right direction. Building a new home without a doubt comes with a level of stress, but should mostly be a great experience that you’ll remember forever. Many people who are interested in home building have an idea of the style & design, which is a great deal of what we do at Homes by Ashley & Design. We also see the project through to completion.  “From design to completion” is our motto.

Home Design

Designing a home begins by choosing the correct style and feel for your new home. We typically like to do a consultation followed by a mock-up plan for your new home. Our home designers have over 14 years of experience, and are constantly improving upon their skills. We are proud to provide complete design and consulting services before we drive the first nail.

New Home Construction

We can begin constructing your home after the design is drawn up and approved by you. Our goal is to have the complete design finished before we begin building your new home. We also have the capability to obtain any necessary permits, and have a team that is fully insured & bonded for your protection.

Remodeling & Additions

Sometimes we have clients that aren’t looking to build a brand new home, and are simply looking to add-on to their existing property. We also have clients that are looking to do a complete re-model of their home. Whatever the case, Homes by Ashley & Design can help you plan a new addition within a budget and goal that is feasible. We understand that you may have your own designs or ideas, and we welcome them fully.

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